5k Training - Week 1

May 03, 2010

Whew!!! I did my last training day yesterday (Sunday), flew to New York afterwards, and finally had a day of rest today.  I managed to workout all 7 days of last week.  3 days at Curves and 4 days running.  No shortage of activity points for Weight Watchers, that's for sure.  I made it through my first week running, and although at times I thought I could not actually get any sorer, I am done, and the soreness is finally gone.  I'm feeling strong and empowered!

Here's how my training for last week went (I'm following the Weight Watchers "Walk-It Challenge" Train to Run a 5k plan):

  • Tuesday =  5 minutes walking, 1 minute running/1 minute walking x 10, 5 minutes walking
  • Thursday = same
  • Saturday = 5 minutes walking, 2 minutes running/3 minutes walking x 4, 5 minutes walking.
  • Sunday = 5 minutes walking, 2 minutes running, 3 minutes walking x 3, 5 minutes walking.
I made it through all 4 days, and I ran the suggested amount of time and DIDN'T HAVE TO STOP YAY

I also learned some unpleasant things about my iPod setup this week: 
  • Head phones really suck, and I have these: Beats By Dre.  Apparently my ears are not the right shape.
  • Clipping the iPod on is not working, I've been holding it, but then the cord bumps against me and the previously mentioned headphones pull out of my ears.  Curse you large chest!
I guess I need to find a solution to the iPod problems, as the music really helps me focus.  What do you like to use when running?  Has anyone liked an armband?

Oh yeah and I found a very cool site on Saturday:  MapMyRunIt revealed that I'm walking/running about 2.2 miles already!

I'm on business in New York this week, and will be doing my running plan for tomorrow hopefully on the paths at my hotel.  It is kind of in the "country" and they have a nice 1/3 mile running path.  Beats a treadmill anytime - As long as the weather holds up - its been rainy and hot (upper 80s) and humid!  YUCK! 

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  1. Beautiful training plan!! You sound like you are doing it just right with the balance of walking and running! I was going to say the thing with running also is it always sucks the first mile or so. Dont ask me why but is the reason it was so hard for me to get back into it - I couldnt get over that hurdle..and then eventually you get to that point and really start enjoying the running for itself!
    I also had to walk part of the first 5K race I did a couple years ago. That's okay too!

    Stay strong! Tiffany


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