Sunshine and Motivation

May 15, 2010

Finally the rain stopped, and the sun is shining and it is beautiful here this morning! 
I headed out for my longest run yet - 24 minutes - 3, 8 minute runs with 2 minute walks in between.  What a difference from needing gloves and fleece a week ago.  I was finally running my new shorts and T-shirt I bought for that very purpose over 3 weeks ago!  I was H-O-T by the time I got done, and dang if I didn't think I was about to die again, but I pushed through.

Why?  Because of this:
That's why!  Yep, and that's my fancy new sweat wicking T-shirt, nice huh?  Oh yeah and that's his fancy new Minnesota Twins outfit.  I declare it cute, but then I'm his mom.

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot.  The knee?  Well... I'm thinking now that maybe the knee doesn't like rain either.  The knee running in sunshine is MUCH happier, so YAY!

And... I almost forgot to post my weigh in for this week.  OK, I didn't forget, I lied - I mentally blocked it from myself.  I was up 1.6 lbs... GRRRR.  Just when I think I'm on a roll I am quickly reminded that this is by far not a scientific process.  It should so be calories in-calories out, and if you're in a deficit than winner winner, but NOPE, even when I so want it to be it doesn't always work that way.  So I may just as well enjoy the journey, right?  At least that's what I'll tell myself.

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  1. Okay one thing I noticed when I started running is the weight didnt come off right away. And it would come off in phases. But sometimes I would be up even though I looked thinner. It's your body converting fat to muscle and just going through adapting your metabolism to doing more exercise than before.

    Anyway don't sweat it! Weight is just one component of what you are doing!

    Take care, Tiffany

  2. Thanks Tiffany! I am also calorie restricted (instead of saying diet, like it?) - using Weight Watchers, so that is what is most annoying. If I was just running then I wouldn't feel bad about not losing. You are right, I know it from the past 18 months that weight comes off in phases for me. I love it when it does and it is so frusterating when it doesn't.


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