Dreams Aren't Supposed to be Easy... Neither is Running

May 18, 2010

So I just finished watching Glee. For some reason that show just makes me feel so good inside. I'm not sure what it is about it. Maybe it's the music. Anyways, it was about dreams. I love the line... and now I can't even remember what character said it... "Dreams aren't supposed to be easy." I guess that relates to whatever dreams you have... weight loss... running a 5k perhaps, or even non health/fitness related. It was so timely.

See... I seriously had my hardest run since I started this, this afternoon. WOW! It was honestly horrible. I'm not sure if it was the time/distance, or the warmer weather, but I hated every single minute second of it. All I could think in my head was:

I'm so freaking hot.

This feels horrible.

My legs are going to buckle.

I felt at one point like I was going to cry. OK, this is embarrassing, but so true. I am wimp, people, I know it. I don't care. I cheated (who I don't really know, but this is beside the point) at one point and walked an extra minute, because I just wasn't sure I could do it. And you know what? It sounds cheesy but I thought about people that can't use their legs, or can't use them very well, I thought about some really inspiring people I know that have overcome all sorts of obstacles, and even with those obstacles they still try as hard as they can. And while, it still felt horrible, I was able to find it in me to finish my 3rd 10 minute run and make it home.

This journey I've been on hasn't been easy. Sorry if you were hoping for a better answer. There have been very few "easy" days. Sure... many "good" days, but not very many "easy" ones. I haven't been able to eat extra things and cheat a little and still manage to somehow lose weight. I have had to exercise on top of dieting to lose weight. I am now exercising 6 days a week. I have had to work my butt off for every single pound, and now I'm doing the same thing with every single minute of running.

You know what? That makes it all the more worthwhile in the end:
Making it to 100 lbs lost
Being able to run that 5k in 3-1/2 weeks and cross the finish line
Finally making it to my goal
will all be sweeter.

The good things in life - the dreams that finally become reality - they are rarely EVER easy.

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  1. Girl you rock! Who cares if you walked and extra minute look at all you have accomplished!


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