5k Training - Week 4

May 24, 2010

FOUR whole weeks of running completed.  I am a runner!!! HA HA... hardly.  When I started this I had so many people tell me that I would love it, and I would be addicted and would become a runner for life.  Sorry people, but that just ain't happenin'. 

Please hold while I channel Dr. Seuss (Too much reading to 2 year olds will do this to you)
I do not like running, not one little bit
I do not like running I'd rather step in shit

I do not like it with the rain
I do not like it with knee pain
I do not like it on the street
I do not like it at the track meet.

Seriously though... I just don't.  I like how I feel afterwards, but during I feel horrible!  Bad gym flashbacks.  I feel like I won't make it.  But I do and then I feel accomplishment.  I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but that is what is going on mentally with me right now.

Again, I ran 4 days last week, and strength trained on the circuit at Curves 2 days. This week in Minnesota we skipped abruptly in the weather department from spring to summer.  The beginning of the week was upper 70s and today and over the weekend high 80s to 95 degrees today, and super-humid.  Tuesday and Thursday I did my runs around 4:00 pm... that was too hot, and too hard.  Tuesday was my first time running double digits - 3, 10 minute runs with 2 minute walks in between.  2 minutes is not enough time, and 10 minutes is too much running!!! Over the weekend I ran in the mornings around 7:30, and that seemed easier, so maybe it was the temperature/humidty change that had me taking this week so hard.

Here's how my training for last week went (I'm following the Weight Watchers "Walk-It Challenge" Train to Run a 5k plan):

- Monday= Curves
- Tuesday = 5 minutes walking, 10 minutes running/2minutes walking x 3, 5 minutes walking = 46 min
- Wednesday = Curves
- Thursday= same as Tuesday
- Friday = rest
- Saturday = 5 minutes walking, 12minutes running/2minutes walking x 2, 5 minutes walking. = 38 min
- Sunday= same as Saturday

I bought workout clothes over the weekend - a new sports bra, 1 new tank top, and 2 pairs of shorts.  Now that it is hot, it is just impossible to do any workout in pants, even though I don't like being seen in shorts.
This week brings my official second to last week of training.  It looks like my walks will shorten to 1 minute on Thursday and I will be running 18 minutes at a time on Saturday!  Eeek!!  I am scared... but I will make it.  The race is only 2 weeks from Saturday!!!

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  1. Hello! Nice to meet you! It's so great to have contact with someone who has done it. You look great! And I am impressed with your running schedule. I have always marveled at runners and aspire to be one someday.

    Thanks for commenting -- I love seeing success stories. (linking your blog now...)


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