Super Trouper

May 30, 2010

3.45 miles... Yep, that's how far I ran yesterday in my second to last day of my 5th week on my 6 week plan to run a 5k (try reading that sentence again).  A 5k is 3.1 miles according to my expert googling, so I guess I'm all set!!!  It took me 42 minutes (but that was 6 minutes of walking - 5 warm up and 1 in between the 18 minute runs).  I was astounded... That is more than a 5k, and it didn't take me an hour.  Maybe I won't be the last one to finish.  There is always hope.

I even battled this:

Yes... A goose attacked hissed at me, while I was running yesterday.  Scared the crap out of me.  Those things are MEAN, and yes they will chase you!

As I was nearing the end of my run yesterday Super Trouper came on my iPod, and I loved the words from this section. It described exactly how I was feeling from my run:

Suddenly I feel all right
(And suddenly it's gonna be)
And it's gonna be so different
When I'm on the stage tonight

Tonight the
Super Trouper lights are gonna find me
Shining like the sun
Smiling, having fun
Feeling like a number one

And there you have it.  I may change my mind about running yet!

What songs inspire you when you are working out? 

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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