UPDATED: The Day I Ate Nothing but Breakfast

May 23, 2010

Or this post could be alternatively titled... the Day I was a Freaking Moron, and Ordered Something in a Restaurant without First Looking Up the Fat and Calorie Content. 

Sigh!  It had started out to be such a good day.  I ran at 7:30 am this morning, because I knew otherwise it would be too hot to get out later.  It's supposed to be 90 and humid with storms later this evening.  It was pretty much already too hot - well not really as much hot as nasty humid.  After my run, we decided to go to breakfast.  We don't eat out much anymore.  There are a few reasons at play: 
#1 - 2 year old - 'nough said. 
#2 - Not always easy/worth it on Weight Watchers. 
#3 - It's expensive and we've really been trying hard to manage our finances wisely, and sock away some money for a rainy unfortunate day. 

Anyways... we went to Bruegger's Bagels.  I love bagels.  I occasionally will stop there and get a bagel with cream cheese on the side, and only use 1/2... its 8 points, and worth it.  This morning though I was so hungry and went with the Western Bagel Sandwich.  I figured it would keep me full, and have protein my body needing after running 2 days in a row.

Here's the description:
Egg, bacon, roasted veggies (green peppers, tomatoes, onions & red peppers) with cheddar cheese and chipotle sauce

Doesn't sound too horrible does it?  I mean it has veggies... I expected it to be maybe 12 points.  So I ate it, and it was good.  We left and went to the garden center, and came home $100 poorer, and I hit the computer to log my points for the morning, and found this staring me in the face:

Western Bagel Sandwich:
Nutrition facts

Serving Size 271g
Amount Per Serving
Calories 730
Calories from Fat 350
Total Fat 39g
Dietary Fiber 4g

That is 17 Weight Watchers Points!!  17... I get 24 in a day!
That is just wrong people.  Its a bagel, cheese, bacon, and egg.  The bagel is 6 points... the rest cannot be 11.  But it is.  And its done.  And previously I would have thrown in the towel on the whole day, and given myself free rein to just eat whatever, trashing my whole week, and maybe my whole month, leading me to quit Weight Watchers, and gain back whatever weight I had already lost.  Nope, not this time.  I don't do that anymore.  This is my life, and I still have to live it, and if that means figuring out how to recover from a 17 point breakfast sandwich I WILL.  So I plan to eat fruit/cotttage cheese for a late lunch, drink lots of water, and make a nice chicken stirfry for dinner.  Stay tuned... I will not let a stupid bagel sandwich beat me!

And for those keeping track... I HAVE NOT weighed myself once yet!!! WOO HOO! 

We didn't do the chicken stirfry, we were in a grillin' mood instead.. hubby picked up extra lean turkey burgers to grill, and 2 point buns, and I loaded on the veggies.  He also picked up a light roasted veggie salad and corn and edamame salad, the lady said they were both low-fat.  I estimated 2 points for the dressing and 1 for the edamame and .5 for the corn.  So I ended up with a 33 point day, using 9 weekly points (which I had available).  I did earn 5 APs from my run this morning as well.  I'm having 1 cup of grapes for a snack in a little while.  I'm OK.  It's OK sometimes to screw up.  I can definitely tell you that I will NEVER be eating that bagel sandwich again though... totally not worth 17 points.  Sorry Bruegger's.

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  1. Inspired. Again. Probably should have read this before the peanut butter cups. Sigh. It will not trash the rest of my day!

  2. Jess - Been there done that. Too many times to count. Its ok.

  3. Good job on the scale! Way to go girly :)


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