The Tag on my Skirt

May 26, 2010

So yesterday I wore a new outfit to work... I thought I looked rather nice, no?  And yes I know that the picture on my wall is REALLY crooked!

OK, so big whoop, you got a new outfit, and you didn't even have the decency to put on shoes before you had your husband snap the "blog picture." Classy... real classy. But you see... this outfit is a big deal, a HUGE deal, or maybe I should say a smaller deal.

Because the tag on my skirts says this:

And the tag on my shirt says this:
And that makes both of these people do this:

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  1. How awesome is that!!! Congrats to you darling outfit :)

  2. Lookin good! Congrats!

    I left you an award. Check out my latest post!

  3. Sarah, You look great!! Can't wait to get there myself!! Keep up the great work!! Hugs!

  4. Nice . . . now we can trade clothes!!


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