For Once

June 23, 2011

For once I didn't fail a test... Let me repeat that I DID NOT fail a test.

So adding to this list of 50 things losing weight has given me:

#51:  NO Gestational Diabetes this time!

Yep... you read it right, at over 100 pounds lighter than my last pregnancy, I passed - with flying colors according to my doctor - the 3 hour gestational diabetes test yesterday!  With all the doom and gloom around this pregnancy having just this one thing in my back pocket really feels better than even I thought it would.

Studies show that having a BMI over 30 pre-pregnancy, increases your risk of gestational diabetes, and once you've had gestational diabetes your risk of getting type 2 diabetes within 5-10 years is 50-75% at the over 30 BMI, but only 25% at a normal BMI. (source) I've never been one to believe in statistics and odds... because I've hit a .2% of something happening twice now within 4 years... but odds you can actually control with a healthy lifestyle - I'll take those!

The hygroma... the possible Turner or Down's syndrome... the heart defect... the grim statistics... those are with the baby - those were out of my control from the beginning.  Just typing that statement has been a long road towards me accepting that very statement.  But this - this is the one thing I did have control over, and when I failed the 1 hour test last week I was pretty devastated.  It was lucky I actually made that post of the 50 things earlier that day, or else I'm pretty sure I would have never posted it.  I felt like every pound, every small victory was suddently erased and meant nothing.  But now... that has all been redeemed!  I do NOT have gestational diabetes!  No poking my finger 4 times a day... no extra worries for the stress it takes on the baby... and honestly best of all a reduced risk of preeclampsia!  3 cheers for all of those things, especially when I've so desperately needed a win in this pregnancy!

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  1. Fantastic!!!!! I let out a woo-hoo when I saw this post. :)

  2. Hooray! What wonderful wonderful news!!

  3. I'm so glad that you were told good news!!! I will keep the prayers a comin'...

  4. Great news!! Way to go! Thinking of you often!

  5. Fantastic news!!!! So glad you don't have to go through that! Take care of yourself my Friend!!!


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