Week 24 Pregnancy Update

June 22, 2011

Another week... as of today I'm 25 weeks... 3 more weeks to my next goal of making it to 28 weeks.

Like I said in this post - things are pretty much staying the same right now - and for now I'm really OK with that.  My big thing of the last week was FAILING the 1 hour glucose test for gestational diabetes.  I did have gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with "L", and my understanding is that once you've had it in a pregnancy there is about a 90% chance of getting it in subsequent pregnancies.  This morning, I'll be fasting and spending the first 3 hours of my morning in the hospital lab drinking my special drink (I getting quite accustomed to the deliciousness that is the glucose drink) and getting blood taken 4 times!  I bruise easily when I have blood taken so I figure I should look totally beat up by the time I get out of there tomorrow.  Going the whole morning without eating anything - until probably 11 am - is also not my idea of a good time.  You think... it is no big deal, but that is because you are probably not pregnant right now.  Food is important - it keeps away the sickies and the headaches.  I am not holding out any hope that I will actually pass the 3 hour test.  I guess the most I can say is SURPRISE ME (for once)!

This past weekend I spent quite a bit of time purging boy clothes .  Pregnancy is too difficult for me, and I'm not planning on doing this again.  Since I'm having a girl, then I have no need for boy clothes, and it felt good to clear up some shelves in the basement.  I was able to give a friend some for her new little guy, and I took the rest to a local kids store where I netted negative 50 cents because I bought some really cute girl stuff - squee!!  The rest is going to charity, and I have lots of empty bins just waiting to filled with precious little girl clothes. 

I think I'm finally starting to look pregnant vs. fat.  I'm about 18 pounds above my goal weight and have gained around 26 pounds total since getting pregnant.  I have gained most of my weight so far in the butt and hips.  I don't pop out, but I do get wider.

I could use a huge favor.  I need meal and snack ideas for gestational diabetes.  I have to stick to fairly low carb - especially with breakfast - as hormones are highest in the morning during pregnancy.  I believe I can have 1-2 servings of carbs at breakfast (15-30 grams) and 1 carb per snack - which always has to be mixed with a protein, and lunches and dinners can be 2-3 carbs (30-45 grams).  I'm not much of a low carb person, so this gets tough for me.  If you have ideas, or know of any great websites to visit, please leave me a comment.  Thanks!

Another week... like the little engine that could I'm chugging my way on to 26 weeks.

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  1. This post makes me happy. You seem calmer, happier, hopeful. It's nice to see that. I hope the difficulties your little girl is facing continue to be manageable. Hang in there!

    Low carb ideas? Ummmm...I eat a hard boiled egg sometimes for breakfast. A cheese stick? -- Costco sells Land O Lakes brand in little cheese chunks for like 80 or 90 calories. A banana (not sure how many carbs are in a banana) and PB? I don't do low carb very well either so I don't know how much help I've been.

  2. I am very glad to hear you sounding more...confident! That's wonderful!

    I am diabetic and manage my diabetes entirely with diet and exercise now. I eat 2 carb choices (you really don't want to do 1 at meals, only snacks or you risk a drop and then a subsequent rebound high after) at most meals on my non exercise days. (Days I do Zumba, for example, if I eat right after class I eat 3 carb choices to compensate. Make sense?)

    My breakfasts tend to consist of egg whites (usually egg cups actually, because they are quick and easy and I can vary them each day.) Then I vary my carb choices: One day I will have a Vita Top muffin with a fruit carb choice (like a cup and a half of strawberries), the next day I will have a small bowl of cereal (Cheerios, Fiber One, etc) also with fruit and almond milk. I also make an oatmeal breakfast bar, that I put dried fruit in, so on days that I eat those I often don't have fruit or as much fruit and count it as 2 carb choices. Basically it's equal parts oats, almond milk (or skim or low fat milk), a tsp of vanilla, a 1/2 tsp of cinnamon and a serving of dried fruit. Bake for about 35-40 minutes. Makes 4 servings so if I alternate it with the other things, I have tons of variety! I included the link to the recipe at the very bottom.

    Here are some links below to places that I have found good recipes for diabetics or recipes that are easily adapted. =) Also if you follow TJ's Test Kitchen, or Hungry Girl, they both posts quite a few recipes easily adaptable for diabetics.

    Good luck with the gestational diabetes! Even if I don't always respond, I read every post and keep you in my thoughts and prayers!


    Original egg cup recipe:

    Original baked oatmeal recipe:
    (I substituted high fiber oat bran for 1/2 of the oatmeal for lower carbs)

  3. I don't have any food suggestions, but I know that www.Sparkpeople.com just added a section just for diabetic people. I am sure that they have food suggestions and message boards for pregnancy and diabetes. Try this link:

  4. It's so wonderful that you are taking control of your health during your pregnancy. Your whole journey is so inspiring! I recently saw a special on "Discovery Health" about women who are "Obese and Pregnant" and the complications are terrifying. http://health.discovery.com/tv/baby-week/obese-and-pregnant.html

    Good luck! www.hangryhippo.com

  5. Post some pictures of the girl clothes already!!!! And I'm so glad things are ok for now. :)

  6. Many congrats, loved reading your story and look forward to following along!


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