50 Things Losing Weight Has Given Me

June 16, 2011

A few weeks ago a sweet lady from one of the Weight Watchers meeting I have attended in the past wrote me an email.  She knew I was a bit down on myself, because I lost this weight in order to get pregnant, and now I feel like it didn't even matter - I'm still stuck in the nightmare pregnancy - regardless of the 115 pounds that were shed from my body.  Some days I feel like my body is such a failure, and it really hurts. 

She suggested I make a list of 100 positive things that have come out of losing weight, so that I could see that there are tons of other things other than this pregnancy to focus on.  I'm having a horribly hard time getting to 100... so without further delay I've decided to share the list of my first 50.

Have you lost weight?  Then this would be a great idea for you too!  Make your list and comment with it here, or post it on your blog and share a link so I (and anyone else) can read it.

1. Set a positive example for my son
2. Don’t have to worry anymore about being the “fattest mom”
3. Don’t have to worry about my son being ashamed of me for my weight
4. If the 3 year old runs away from me, I can CATCH him!
5. A little one that adores a walk or playing outside more than watching TV... most times!
6. I’ll be around longer to love my family
7. I’m a cuter wife
8. I’ve been hit on WOO HOO!
9. Probably because my wedding ring is way too big
10. So is my watch
11. No more Lane Bryant!
12. Clothes are smaller, so take up less space in closet and suitcase
13. No longer worried about being the embarrassing mom
14. Obesity erased from my medical record
15. Don’t need the extra-large blood pressure cuff
16. Less joint pain
17. No plantar fasciitis
18. Less back pain
19. Low blood pressure
20. Lower blood sugars
21. I’m ovulating
22. Don’t need the extra large gowns at the Dr or hospital
23. Way less colds and flu
24. Weight actually matches driver’s license! OK… maybe not right now, but it did before I got pregnant.
25. I know what is to try hard at something and win
26. I know the amazing feeling to run across a finish line of a race (and have it mean something).
27. I have made some new amazing friends
28. Not scared of public transit
29. Not scared of fitting in airplane seats
30. Not scared of telling someone my weight
31. Spend less money eating out, because we eat healthier and at home now
32. Was featured in the Star Tribune!
33. Happier… most of the time.
34. Don’t feel like people are always staring at me and disgusted by me
35. Can share fun clothes with sisters and friends
36. Much much easier to walk in heels
37. Son has a lower chance of being overweight
38. Husband also lost weight
39, No more granny panties
40. A bungee jumping cord could hold me... if I was so inclined
41. Fresh fruits and veggies are amazing and make my skin clearer
42. I've been told many times I look way younger now.
43. No more looking at picture of myself and feeling disgusting!
44. People I don't even know look at me for inspiration... still strange to me.
45. I can go back to Weight Watchers after pregnancy for free for 12 weeks!
46. Walking up a flight of stairs doesn't leave me sweaty and winded.
47. I have learned to be more assertive to take care of me and my health.
48. Feel more comfortable in skirts and dresses
49. Don't have to buy bras mail-order
50. Losing weight has given me strategies, strength, and stamina to deal with other issues in life!

Now its your turn.

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  1. Loved this! So many of the things on your list are the things I look forward to most.

  2. What an awesome post! Very inspiring, motivating, and a great way to view the positive from this entire journey.

  3. Great post Sarah! I am going to start compiling my list! Thinking about you everyday!

  4. Awesome, Sarah . . . had fun looking at Liz's wedding CD and seeing how beautiful you are!

  5. Bookmarking this!!!! Love!!!!

  6. WOW really inspirational!! There are so many benefits from getting fit!!

    I need to work on a list!!

    Keep focused!


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