I'm Hungry

December 12, 2011

I'm hungry... and I need something to eat.  Now you wouldn't know that I did if you saw the number on the scale this morning... yikes!  I need something filling and healthy.  You'd think for as long as I've done this weight loss shtick that I'd have a ton of ideas, but I'm feeling a mental block, especially when it comes to breakfasts and snacks.

I've been eating old-fashioned oatmeal with flax and 1 Tbsp of brown sugar for breakfast constantly, and while I love it, I don't want to burn myself out on it.  For snacks I am clueless... I have been eating Hershey kisses, hot cocoa, chips, breads... fill in the blank with your favorite carb or sweet here.  Its my constant downfall.

So... could I get a little help.  I desperately need new snack/breakfast (or even lunch) ideas.  Please post a comment helping me out and I'll do a compilation post later this week with all of the ideas that everyone has shared, and a link to your blog if you have one (please leave in the comments, if your comment won't link through).

Thanks and Happy Monday!

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  1. I've been eating 3 soft boiled eggs for breakfast and I can feel it making a difference. It fills me up (mixed with copious amounts of coffee, of course) and I start each day feeling great. (The rest of the day I'm working on. lol)

  2. My morning snack is a cheese stick and an apple. In the afternoon I have popcorn. I'm always looking for things I can eat at my desk as well.

  3. Do you like Hummus? Hummus & veggies is yummie. Or even some homemade chicken salad on crackers.

    Breakfast I usually do 1 egg on a turkey sausage patty. I like my protein for breakfast.

  4. I always have nuts and cheese for a snack:) http://gettinghealthyonestepatatime.blogspot.com

  5. Hummas and veggies, fruit and cheese, cottage chese or yogurt, frozen grapes. :)

  6. if you are doing WW, then fruits and veggies are free..that's what I fill up the cracks with...

  7. A regular breakfast for me is an egg over hard (made on the stove with some Pam), on a toasted Bagel Thin, with 1 point worth of sharp cheddar cheese. Delish, and it keeps me full all morning. It takes me about 3 minutes to make it, because I have my routine. Spray pan, turn on stove, pop bagel in toaster, crack egg, slice cheese, egg cooks..... put together, DONE. :-)

  8. Keep snacks between 100 & 150 calories and combine good carbs with protein & good fats. Examples - 1 slice of 100% whole wheat bread with natural nut-butter, a handful of whole, natural almonds combined w/ a handful of raisins...a whole wheat tortilla toasted hot on the stove w/ a slice of extra sharp cheddar cheese, celery sticks or an apple combined with natural nut-butter. Make sure your snack has protein as it will keep you full until your next meal. If you also include a fiber (fruit or veggie), your tummy will feel fuller on a smaller amount.

  9. Have you tried the new WW Smoked String cheese? It's delicious! Also the cheddar quakes are really good. As far as breakfast I love Barbara's PB puffins with almond milk.

  10. This is a really yummy WW snack that is filling. I eat it for breakfast with a banana when I'm not on oatmeal. I use reduced fat peanut butter and 2 Tbls of honey. Otherwise it's too sweet. I've also done it with strawberry jam instead of honey and any kind of cereal works. Make a triple batch so they'll last, or at least they'll last until your family finds them. Yum.


    Hahn's sister Molly

  11. Hard boiled eggs (make them ahead - easy and portable).

    Cheese sticks/snacks.


    Cutie oranges

    Hummus and pita


    Frozen waffle with PB

  12. Two of my favorites which are filling & healthy: 1) a protein fruit smoothie and 2) a breakfast 'burrito'. For the smoothie, I use 3/4 cup plain yogurt or Kefir, 1 scoop protein powder and 1 cup fruit & mix in my blender - I don't think it needs sweetener but you could add if you like. I'll use frozen fruit (no sugar added) especially in the winter when some fruit is hard to get - it ends up like a milkshake so I often drink with a straw. This is quick & easy and you can put in a to-go cup and take with you. For the burrito, I make them ahead of time and wrap individually to reheat. I usually include some scrambled eggs with veggies, a little cheese, some crumbled sausage, and wrap in a (small) wheat tortilla. Occasionally, I drizzle a little strawberry jam or maple syrup to change it up. Hope these ideas help.
    Enjoy your blog!


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