December 19, 2011

I've completed 4 full days on plan since going back to Weight Watchers and I'm doing good.  I have several "holiday events" this week, so while it so far as been tough, its not been impossible.  I have used all but 13 of my weekly points so far, but that is what they are there for, right?

So what are some small things I have changed in the past few days to try and be as successful this week as possible?

Well... first off I'm drinking more water.  Am I drinking the amount still that I should?  Nope... but I'm getting much, much closer.  Also I've discovered something amazing... Zipfizz!  The Berry flavor is so yummy in water.  In full disclosure, Zipfizz sent me some free product to try, and a full review will be forthcoming, but I will definitely search out this product and pay for it.  Its sort of a cross between vitamin water and Emergen-C (not as much fizz though). 

Next up... I'm eating more veggies.  Tonight I made an amazing salad with tons of fresh spinach, 1 hard boiled egg, 2 strips of crumbled bacon, a little blue cheese, 1 Tbsp of craisins, and some light balsamic vinaigrette.  So filling and delicious all for around 7 PP.

Overall I am becoming more conscious, once again, of the things I am putting in my mouth.  I am making sure that if it goes in the mouth, it is worth it.  I am asking myself routinely - What do I want more, this food or to be back at goal weight? 

Progress not Perfection, Choices not Chances

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  1. Hi, Sarah! I'm a friend of Jessica Kok's and have been a lurker on your blog for some time now. I just wanted to send some encouragement out to you this morning. I, too, am on a journey, and I began WW (again) on November 1. We're nuts for starting out during the holidays, but if we can survive these weeks, we can survive any! I am so encouraged by your story! Keep up the great work!

  2. I love that question...What do I want more, this food or to be at goal weight? I actually asked myself that question out loud when I was looking at the candy dish. I said, "Do you want this Almond Rocha more than you want to reach your goal?" Then I just looked and looked at the candy and I said, "YES I do!!" and I ate it. At least I did it fully knowing I was making the decision to divert myself from my goal. And of course....I paid the price. But I got myself back on track right after...

    There were also many many other times when I asked that same question and make the right decision ~ so it works!

    So proud of you for getting back on your plan so soon. you are amazing!!

    Merry Christmas my Friend!!

    Keep focused!!


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