My Favorite Things - Kids and Baby Edition

December 02, 2011

Last year I did a healthy edition of my favorite things - things that I personally own and love.  This year, given the journey we've been on with our new baby girl, I thought I'd do a different twist on that, and present to you the second annual Fat Little Legs, My Favorite Things - Kids and Baby Edition.  Just in time for Christmas!

Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper

I cannot say enough about my love for this sleeper.  My sister-in-law and family got it for us just after Lily was born.  It is the perfect angle for her, given her reflux issues.  Last night she slept 8 hours in this thing without making a peep!


This little animal with an attached paci is amazing if your little one is a paci spitter like Lily.  They can more easily hold on to it, and keep it in their mouth.  She loves to rub this little lamb's head.  They also have a ton of other cute designs.  Shh... but Lily is getting the caterpillar for Christmas

The Blender Bottle

Invaluable for mixing clumpy formula... like soy!  It has a little stainless steel whisk ball in it that breaks up the clumps as you shake it.  Also the lid is TIGHT... take it from someone who had a  container of formula where the lid popped off recently... not good in your eyes, hair, and mouth!  These can also be used to make smoothies and protein shakes.  Awesome dual purpose... one for me... one for you!

Puzzle Books from Usbourne

My son loves these books from Usbourne.  He loves the story lines, and loves the challenges of finding the hidden objects, and doing the activities on each page.

Crayola Color Wonder Kit - Cars Edition

This has been my standard birthday party gift for the past year.  It is perfect for probably 3 years and up.  It comes in the Cars Edition like above, or a princess edition, and its reasonably priced at around $15.  You can find this at Target too in the school supplies section.  The best part is... other parents will love you because the markers and paint included ONLY make color on the special paper and books.

Tiny Love Gymini

We used this with "L" and now already at 2 months Lily loves it.  It folds up for easy storage, and it has toys you can hang, but also detach.  It plays music - both nursery rhymes and classical.  We all love it!


Because both my babies have been tiny, they've had these little itsy bitsy feet that socks never work for.  Robeez are amazing!  They hold up great... we are using some giraffe ones we had for "L" for Lily right now, and they STAY ON a baby's feet!  I got these bubble gum ones for Lily while I was still pregnant.

Moby Wrap

I LOVE my Moby Wrap.  I can hold Lily close to me with no hands... how I often work!  It works great for when I don't want to haul our car seat into Costco or Target either.  Very secure for the baby... and way better than a sling for your back.  Its easy to learn to tie, once you practice a few times.

Bumbo Seat

We love the Bumbo!  Already at 2 months little Lily can "sit up" in it!  You can even buy a tray to attach for feeding or toys.

I could probably go on and on... but I'll stop there.
Disclosure note:  While none of these companies are paying me to say these things about their products, these are my affiliate links, and clicking on one and buying something will result in a tiny commission being paid to me.

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