Can You Commit to Just 10 Minutes?

December 27, 2011

I got this book for Christmas

It is mostly a cookbook about basic recipes that you can change up 1 or 2 things on, and make something different.  Tried and true formulas, that allow you to add and subtract to depending on your individual preferences.  I haven’t actually made anything from the recipes yet, but they look and sound delicious.

In the beginning, the author, Pam Anderson (and no, not the Baywatch babe) talks about her weight struggles, and how she decided she could never do another diet again.  How she couldn’t do Atkins or South Beach because she didn’t want to have to cut out a whole category of foods.  She didn’t want a life without pasta and wine.  I love the reasoning here.  I too, don’t do well on these types of diets.  I can’t live without half and half in my coffee, and bread with real butter very long.  And if you've been around for a year with me, you know I love my wine too (Can you still believe its 4 points plus per glass?)  It isn’t sustainable for me.  That’s why I have always loved Weight Watchers… you can eat anything, just not everything!

Another item that really stuck out at me was her philosophy behind exercising.  She talks about how she didn’t have time for an hour or even a half hour workout, so she didn’t exercise.  But then she decided that she could make time for smaller bursts of an activity, and that would count too!  She made the decision to do a small walk before every meal, and just that movement made a huge change in her life, and her weight.

I love it!  While there is no way that I can make time for a walk before every meal, I can do something.  Right now I’m doing nothing.  Something is better than nothing.  The 3 month old baby at home has definitely thrown our entire family into a new schedule.  I feel like I’m literally dragging my body around most days.  But you know what?  I can do something… it doesn’t have to be something big.  I don’t have to wait around until I have a full half hour or hour to devote to exercise.  10 minutes is going to be better than nothing.

I’d commit to walk 10 minutes, but it would be in the dark right now, so I don’t think that is an option.  But I can:

Do jumping jacks for a minute
Run up and down the stairs for 5 minutes
Do some crunches
Pretend Lily is a barbell and bench press her
Put on some music and dance crazy for 5 minutes.  My son will love this one!

It’s like my own circuit training routine.  So… for the next month I pledge to take 10 minutes for me to “exercise”.  It is something, it is probably all I can really do right now, and while it’s a far cry from the 3-4 mile runs of my past, it is moving forward, and it will do something to move me towards my next goals.

What could you do for 10 minutes to exercise? 
Will you commit to joining me for the next month?
My husband paid for this book for me out of his hard earned cash, and I’m saying these things about this book because I like it, not because someone told me to.  If you happen to click on the book and buy it from Amazon, it is through my affliate link, and I will net a few cents from your purchase.

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  1. Hey lady!

    I just wanted to let you know I am still reading and struggling right along with you! I just rejoined last Thursday and I am commiteed to making it happen!

  2. I love cook books!! I will have to check this one out:)


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