Victory at Last

December 23, 2011

Yesterday was my week 1 weigh in after starting back to Weight Watcher's meetings.  I was so happy to lose 3.4 pounds!  It was exactly the victory that I needed after trying a few weeks ago and have less than stellar results.  I am feeling confidence in myself and the Points Plus plan.

I had a good week, I had 2 parties/events that had food that I attended, and they didn't derail me, but I still had fun.  I was so much more conscious about what I was putting in my mouth.  It feels so good to know that I CAN do this again.  I feel renewed strength and energy.  I know I will get back to my goal weight, but I will not be surprised or annoyed if it takes me about a year.  I have 40 more pounds to lose.  This is not an easy journey, but as I've always said... its worth it.  I am worth it... we are worth it!

When I go to a Weight Watchers meeting... no matter how small... I am reminded why I am there, and why it is so important for me.  Yesterday there were only a handful of people at my meeting - a sign of the season for sure, but there were so many great ideas and conversation.  To be with other people that are real in their struggles is so important for me.  Our leader was a fill in, because CWWL was away for Christmas, and she was a spit-fire!  I loved her!  She told us that people that attend Weight Watchers meetings lose 50% more weight than those that try to do it alone, or online. 

Now, don't get me wrong... if that works for you, then great!  But I know for me, I have to be in that meeting.  The 2 years I was losing my 115 pounds I missed only a handful of meetings and those were because I was usually on vacation.  I know now in retrospect that meetings were the #1 key to my weight loss.  I feel so much stronger after them, I feel understood, I have more willpower.

As we are 2 days away from Christmas, I am not going to promise you I will be perfect.  This week my goal is to maintain or gain less than 1 pound.  It is Christmas after all.. there is lefse to be eaten, and chocolate chip cookie dough balls to be tasted.  If it's a 9 or a 10... I will probably eat some.  But I will make sure I love it, and I won't stretch out Christmas Eve and day into a week or even longer. 

I feel strong... I feel ready FINALLY... I am ready for the final chapter of this journey.  This time it isn't about my desire for another child, like before Lily, this time it is about me, and making me the best me I can be.  40 pounds should be a piece of cake after 115, right?

May your holidays be Merry and Bright!

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  1. Sarah, so glad to hear about your positive week. Have a wonderful Christmas with your two little miracles. You are truly blessed!

  2. YES. Praise the Lord!!!!!

  3. :) great tips here ~


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